AngelPine - not of this world...................
What's AngelPine® ?
AngelPine® instruments are built from wood of the botanical family of Pinaceae. Which one we take depends on the sound features we want to create.
AngelPine® instruments - how it all began

In the beginning there was a customer's demand: "Couldn't you build a guitar like the one Leo created - you know, the one made of this amp housing wood..."

And in the beginning there were many requests concerning LIGHT instruments, without losing overtones, without indifferent bass frequencies aso....

And moreover there was the curiosity, the luthier's taking delight to experiment.
But let we talk Gregor Olbrich himself:

"So many requests - so I began to search for a sort of wood that had to make many grades:
I wanted European wood to be independent from US imports.
Next: Leo had to deal with pitch pockets, his guitars became very sticky. I needed light confer wood without pitch pockets, solid enough for making electric guitar bodies.

I found it at the tonewood dealer I absolutrely trust in.
First he was vanishing in the deeps of his old stock, frowning, rubbing his chin. Finally he appeared, radiant, dusty, handing over 2 pieces of wood, originally made for another purpose...

Okay, into the car, back home, immediately shaping. The handling was okay - so the moment of truth came nearer and nearer:
When I stringed, I heard crystal vital signs. I had thought to knew anything about electric guitars - but that was new!
And then I had finished my first Tellus made of AngelPine.
Connecting to an amp I was confronted to a new universe: Everything was better - respectively more intensive.........
Compared to guitars made of Alder or Swamp Ash you have much more frequencies in both directions, deepths and heights without any overemphasizing or break-ins. You get a clearly faster attac (rise time) - Twang !
Empirically the tone should die off faster (known from many semi-acoustics).
NO! Never ending sustain..........!!
Absolutely stunned I switched on my overdrive - and the way the guitar communicated also was more intensive and more versatile. Amp and guitar seemed to form a whole that offered a neverending variety of sounds.

Okay. Bit by bit I explored new sound areas.
I had to detect that I had to turn back the overdrive for more than 50%, I didn't need that much distortion!
The most stunning fact was that it was pure fun to celebrate the guitar with a pure amp. I never had clean sounds that never made you feel like missing distortion.

Of course you have some things to attend:
As playing our Korinas you tend to turn on your amp while playing an AngelPine. The sound simply is tooooo great and swinging...........
I prefer listening to guitars being played via an old 4 x 12 box with Greenbacks and an old 65 Blackface Bandmaster ( guitar - amp - box ).

If you put your volume control on 5, your power amp crunches - get a move on!!
Your ears will make fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft and certainley its unhealthy - but simply awesome!

Such high resonant instruments don't need that much overdrive respectively quit overdoing immediately with feedbacks of the whole guitar, noticeable in bad uuuuuiiiiiii´s .
So please use it with feeling!!
Also please teach your strap buttons not to make any noise - everything is heard via amp....!

And last but certainly not least: My spinal discs are absolutely happy about an average weight of 2,95 kg and are now willing to bear longer and voluptuously sessions.

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