Thorndal NEMESIS EA Electric Acoustic series

With Nemesis EA Electric Acoustic Thorndal enters new sound areas.
It's the perfect alternative to traditional acoustic guitars - but without their limitations

We mixed High Tech, local wood and traditional luthier's art - and you get an instrument with stand-alone sound and a very wide range of application.

Many advantages advise to play a Thorndal Nemesis EA:

* Heaxphonic Pickup System, amplifying signals from each string individually.
So the loudness of all 6 strings is equal.
* Enormeous variety of sounds: Nylonstring Sound, typical Martin* Steelstring Sound or the favoured Ovation* Sounds - all varieties are possible.
* No negative feedback live on stage, even if you turn your amp.
* Easy Handling for electric guitar players: familiar fretboard shaping and dimensions, comfortable and familiar scale length (65 cm), handy body shaping, accustomed arrangement of switches & knobs aso.; but of course also acoustic guitar players can enjoy........
* Nemesis body shaping enables unhindered access up to the highest frets - thanks to the deep cutaway.
* User friendly Snap In battery box on the body back
* To play the Nemesis EA you can use a "normal" amp for electric guitars (clean), but of course also PA or acoustic amp
* Optional also with 3-Band-EQ ( Nemesis EA3) and/or with F hole (reversed/non-reversed)
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  Examples with pics & technical details:  
A review to the history of development of Nemesis EA: antecedents with wooden bridge and monophone Piezo system:
* Martin and Ovation are registered trademarks. They are used because of the general linguistic usage and for a more simple categorisation of sounds.