Thorndal SUPERNATURAL series - the sound of a new era!

To harmonize humans and nature is the most important challenge of this century.....

We are releasing the new SUPERNATURAL series in an effort to replace the use of tropical woods for local varieties grown in sustainably managed forrests. SUPERNATURAL instruments are built without any tropical wood. We just take wood of our own climate zone. And they are built without Nitrozellulose lacquer.

Our first important milestone some years ago was finding a light body wood from the Swiss Alps called AngelPine; this wood is optimally qualified for building guitars, replaces Swamp Ash and it is still our most commonly used wood for guitar bodies because of its excellent sound features.

Then I had to find a substitute for Rosewood and found it in the least expected place: our own local gardens.
Necks made of Walnut or Pear, Walnut, Plum or Apple fretboards - Europe can look back on a long and very successful history of manufacturing musical instruments, all this without using any tropical wood whatsoever. After all the best option seemed to be to go back to our own roots!

But of course there are many other environmental topics. Nitrocellulose lacquer was the next "holy guitar player's cow".
Intensive research work led us toa finish with really equal sound charcteristics, but with a lower environmental impact:
SatinSilk, a special eco-friendly hard wax oil
Of course there is still much room for improvement and our goal for the coming SUPERNATURALs is producing all their hardware without electro plaiting; also all knobs and pickguards aso. shall be produced without mineral oil.
As you can see there’s plenty to do, but we love this and are happy to invest out time in figuring out ways to accommodate our instruments to the reality and circumstances of the world of today, without losing any of the crispness and quality of our sound. Join us in the sound of a new era!

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Here some picsof the building process of a
for your delight....
Nemesis EA
Birdseye Maple